Sake, Beer & Wine Available for Purchase With Take Out Food Order Only
Ten Ju (Edomae Style Tenpura)
Maruya's takes its tenpura cue from Tokyo.  Edomae Style tenpura is served with a thick consistency sauce which is then drizzled over a mound of fluffy white rice.   
Ebi Ten Ju (Shrimp & Vegetable Tenpura)   23
Additional Topping: 
Extra Shrimp 3
Brown Rice 2
Soft Boiled Egg  2
Heading 5
Yasai (Vegetable) Ten Ju  18
Substitute Brown Rice 2
Kanpyo Maki
Chirashi   40 (Please Order A Day in Advance) 
Maruya's Chirashi is served on a rice with a variety of slices of fish.  Depending on availability the fish are usually: Ocean Trout, Hon Maguro, Anago, Hamachi, Kanpachi, Hotate, Crab, Ebi and Toro Taku. 
Sushi Roll
Ebi Tenpura (Fried Shrimp with Romaine Lettuce and Avocado)  15
Vegetarian Sushi Roll
Onasu Sushi Roll (Fried Eggplant, Sweet Potato,
Avocado with Miso Sauce)  15
Kakiage (Mixed Vegetable Tenpura) Romaine Lettuce & Amadare Sauce   12
Kanpyo (Seasoned Gourd) Sushi Roll  - It's a favorite among many vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 8
Kappa (Cucumber) Sushi Roll
A classic vegetarian sushi roll.    8
Ume Shiso (Plum with Shiso) 
Another classic vegetarian sushi roll.    8
Oshinko (Yellow and White Daikon Pickles)  8
Iroiro Sushi Roll   18
Any 3 of the the following can be combined:
Ume Sushi Roll
Kappa Sushi Roll
Kanpyo Sushi Roll
Oshinko Sushi Roll
Futomaki (A traditionally thick roll consist of eggs, spinach and seasoned gourd).  10
Inari (Three (3) Tofu Skin filled with sushi rice)   7 
Inari & Futomaki Combination  15
aAgedashi Dofu  10
Slightly Deep Fried Tofu to Perfection  
Iburi Edamame (Seasoned with Konbu Salt)  7
Maruya's Edamame is a departure from the standard steamed edamame.   
Gobo Chips  7
Thinly sliced Burdock Root seasoned with some salt.   
Wakame Salad  10
Maruya's Seaweed Salad topped with Slightly Fried Konbu drizzled with House Dressing.
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